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Introduction to IFS for Consciousness Medicine

September 11 & 12 and October 2 & 3, 2021

Introduction to IFS for Consciousness Medicine

This 4-part workshop introduces the basics of IFS, the form of psychotherapy developed over the past 40 years by Richard Schwartz, with many contributors.

IFS identifies and addresses multiple sub-personalities or families within each person’s mental system. These sub-personalities consist of wounded parts and painful emotions, and parts that try to control and protect the person from the pain of the wounded parts. The sub-personalities are often in conflict with each other and with one’s core Self. IFS focuses on healing the wounded parts and restoring mental balance and harmony by changing the dynamics that create discord among the sub-personalities and the Self.

The Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy complements Consciousness Medicine work very well, as it is non-pathologizing and because it recognizes that the client already has the healing wisdom they need. We will explore how IFS is a supportive approach for work done within expanded states of consciousness.

Recommended for licensed clinicians, Holistic Psychotherapists, and those who have graduated from The Center for Consciousness Medicine (formerly known as The School of Consciousness Medicine) fundamentals program. Holistic Psychotherapists are those who hold a degree +150 hours of alternate approaches to healing, such as energy, sound, movement etc., or 300 hours of alternative psychotherapy based or inspired programs, such as Hakomi.

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