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 Just as our bodies know how to heal physical injuries, each of us also possesses the innate capacity to heal from emotional injuries.

Psychedelic Facilitation SERVICES
in Southern Oregon

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Consultation for Psychedelic- Assisted Facilitation

Start here if you are considering working with psychedelic medicines

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Learn more about psilocybin-assisted facilitation with Nancy L. Morgan.

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Psilocybin Facilitation Retreats, Presentations, & Events

Learn about upcoming psilocybin facilitation retreats, and other related events.

Dr.  Morgan offers psilocybin-assisted facilitation for individuals seeking to gain deeper insight into their lives and relationships, heal wounds inherited and/or incurred during this lifetime, access an expanded awareness, reconnect with parts of themselves exiled since childhood, and more based on each individual’s unique needs and aspirations.

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